programming/sets (v. 2.00)

Sets is a freeware C++ class that allows you to create sets of any type (limited only to the ordinal types, ie. char, int, etc.), and to use the standard set operations on them. Some operators from Turbo Pascal have been borrowed.

The operators that can be used are:

SymbolMeaningStandard math symbol
+, |unionS1 ∪ S2
*, ^, &intersectionS1 ∩ S2
-, ~complement¬S1 or S1
-subtractionS1 ∖ S2
<=subsetS1 ⊆ S2
<proper subsetS1 ⊊ S2
>=supersetS1 ⊇ S2
>proper supersetS1 ⊋ S2
==equalityS1 ≡ S2
!=inequalityS1 ≢ S2

note: e <= S can also be used to represent e ∈ S.

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